My videography reel features work collected from 2019 into 2022. I have worked on six different short film productions as an editor, director, actor (only once), producer and as a director of photography.

I created a live action stopmotion experimental short loosely inspired by queer villains, both in the horror canon and beyond. I directed, acted, and edited for this COVID-lockdown-era short. It took two days to shoot, and I actually fell asleep in the fake blood (gross!). This project has inspired me to pursue more narrative-driven film projects in the future.

This promotional video made for a fun little challenge. I had no earplugs as well as no audio recording equipment and, using a 70-200mm zoom lens, was positioned directly behind the band during their set at a house show. I was successful in capturing the footage I needed all while protecting my camera from dancing drunken, beer-filled college students.

I visited my father’s West Texas hometown, and took a walk around, focusing on the landscape & food.

I tried, failed, and then tried again to screenprint a design I made featuring my dog and hand lettering.
Don’t ask if I am Team Corn or Team Flour Tortilla. My grandma helped me make up my mind (it’s flour).