A 2010’s Tumblr Survivor who was raised by the internet, I started my creative career through observation. I have studied the masters - the earliest internet microcelebrities. I have navigated a flurry of fandoms & aesthetics, which inspired my love for making and contributing to culture.

I later fell in love with making as a means of bringing my ideas to life and have since spent the last six years creating while also continuing to cultivate my sense of taste.


AD & Photographer: Malena Saadeh
AD: Katherine Stallard, Photographer: Isabelle Hesse
AD: Katherine Stallard, Photographer: Isabelle Hesse
AD: Jenna Boerlin, Photographer: Sophia Prince
AD: Kieran Gross, Photographer: Samantha Joh
AD: Katherine Stallard, Photographer: Isabelle Hesse
AD: Andrew Barron, Photographer: Charlotte Moerel

From June 2020 to June 2021, I oversaw a department of 100+ art directors, photographers, and models for Align Magazine and led them to create 20+ editorial photoshoots - through all phases of production. These photos accompanied written articles and our respective teams worked to marry the two conceptually throughout the pitch process and into production. I also taught my team how to standardize their creative process by using pitch decks, moodboards and shotlists.

The photos above are an overview of my favorite shoots I led into production as the magazine’s photo editor.


AD: Isa Ramos & Makayla Lee, Photographer: Evan Harvey

During my time as an art director & designer for the sexual health and education organization, Protection Connection, I worked to push their visual identity forward by incorporating a more human touch into their content and spearheaded this photoshoot as a result. 

My creative strategy was inspired by my desire to create product photography stills that were immediately sensual. This was a deviation from the bright and fun style associated with our illustrative infographics. Illustration was our lone workhorse - both a visual aid and conduit for educational materials. However, it was made necessary on account of social distancing measures. We were later able to safely capture photos that did not shy away from sensuality. Love gloves, lube, and finger condoms all made a sexy feature.