This Xbox franchise is centered around heroism as well as magic and is set against a fictional medieval-European setting. However, as a player of the game, this detail felt disconnected from the story and operated simply as an aesthetic choice and, in turn, reinforced a prototypical and limited understanding of who gets to be a hero.

Wanting to expand upon this world and to assign it relevance among new audiences, I fixated on the intersection between fantasy and technology and how this is witnessed culturally and intellectually. In studying who makes up the fantasy fanbase, my research showed me that the genre’s reflection of our world as either dystopian or utopian revealed a greater philosophy: the power to reimagine oneself and one’s environment. A philosophy wielding  potential for those with marginalized identities that can be harnessed not simply as an escapist fantasy but, rather, as a tool to challenging oppression by first reimagining reality.

The connection between the nonconformity of queerness and the underdog was clear. And so I examined contemporary queer visual culture under this lens.

The project is in-development. Check back for updates.